GOD, I hate those BIG boats !!!

GOD, I hate those BIG boats !!!

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Jimmy Brown

Free Account, Petrolia, Ontario

GOD, I hate those BIG boats !!!

These ducks seemed to be eying the big lake freighters with distain
Canon Rebel XTi!

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  • Pascal Viyer 25/03/2007 13:41

    Beautiful interpretation of the language of ducks !
    p a s c a l
  • Jimmy Brown 16/03/2007 21:57

    Hey Alison, thanks for the very nice comments,hope you don't mind, I am installing you on my buddy list ( if I can figure out how). Look forward to seeing more of you photos - jimmy
  • Alison Wiseman 16/03/2007 10:13

    cute again,
    nice just to see the ships in the rear,