George Monbiot

George Monbiot

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Mark Murton

Free Account, London

George Monbiot

This shot was taken at the climate march on the 3rd December of my hero George Monbiot and the quote below is from his speech at the American Embassy.

"I am not interested in what [carbon cuts] people would like to see. I am interested in what the science says. And the science is clear. We need not a 20% cut by 2020; not a 60% cut by 2050, but a 90% cut by 2030. If we let it get beyond that point there is nothing we can do..

And we find ourselves in an extraordinary position. This is the first mass political movement to demand less, not more. The first to take to the streets in pursuit of austerity. The first to demand that our luxuries, even our comforts, are curtailed..

These are the greatest political challenges any movement has faced. But we are rising to it. We are rising. But let no one tell you it will be easy. If it were just a matter of slagging off George Bush, we would have won by now. But we must struggle not only against him, not only against our own government, not only against each other, but also against ourselves. The struggle against climate change is a struggle against much of what we have become."

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