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Frozen rose after an ice storm

Frozen rose after an ice storm

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Chris Walker

Free Account, Boulder

Frozen rose after an ice storm

A great example of Colorado weather. Summer one day and winter the next.

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  • Maria Kyselicova 20/03/2005 11:21

    Like waiting for a Sun-eclipse. Fairy-tale. If you missing this shot.. it was be sin.
  • Chris St.-V. 15/09/2004 8:35

    Very good picture. I like the bizarre silhouette of the rose and the clear bright background.
  • Juliane Meyer 14/09/2004 13:22

    Good Pic , i like this frozen rose looks a little bit like sometink to eat))
  • Janice Sugden 14/09/2004 9:33

    The photograph is stunning. Well done Chris. As I live in a sub-tropical zone of australia, I just cant imagine any of my roses looking like that! Great work!
  • Chris Walker 14/09/2004 7:58

    Um, not in the middle of summer. This was taken in late September of last year. It was about 70 degrees the day before this picture and about 33 degrees the day of. Classic Colorado
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 14/09/2004 7:14

    Hi Chris
    are you kidding, you get frost in the middle of summer?
    I was in boulder once, very beautiful town. Wish I could come visit again.