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Freedom is Not FREE

Freedom is Not FREE

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Free Account, Tehran

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  • camera-obscura-photoart 19/02/2011 19:56

    Freedom that is not free? You mean, it only looks like freedom but is in fact captivity/oppression? I like the friendly look of the woman's face.

    This picture reminds me somehow of a cinderella movie... that's funny, because cinderella was not free, too, like her doves. First, she let them fly away, then she got free herself!

  • Hans-Gunter Herrmann 20/10/2009 13:58

    A very nice picture! The face, the colours, the symbol!
  • Christian Bertero 12/07/2009 13:49

    great poetic picture I like so much. Admiration.

  • WGL 11/07/2009 3:01

    Absolutely Beautiful.The title could not be more correct.Most people in my country do not realize how lucky we are to be free.
  • farzad pkh 07/07/2009 9:01

    its nice iranian pepole have their speciality they are romantic and they love discussition about such subjects
  • nasim 04/07/2009 21:02

    Tell me please...
    what work I have to do that make me free???
    I need

    Good idea & capture.
  • H.CH.Yaseri 04/07/2009 17:25

    When freedom is not free
    It turns to black
    and what remains in our hands
    is a shadow of a dead
    Since the white one
    had flew far far away
    When freedom is not free...
  • pedram 04/07/2009 17:07

    Black freedom?
    now your hands is the cage...
  • Helge Eggers 04/07/2009 16:54


    eine weiße Taube, wäre jetzt natürlich noch symbolischer ;-)

    feines, gutes Bild


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