Freedom Evening

Freedom Evening

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Freedom Evening

A few days back it was a rainy day and a day back it was Resolution day of Pakistan. I wanted to do something related to that but couldn't on that day. Yesterday it was raining and the clouds took some of the best colors and shades that I could see.
Again the photo is from front of my house of the mosque that gives an excellent view.

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  • Victorious 30/04/2009 8:29

    stunning. well done.


    1-Don't use external frame, because this is excellent pic and frame is disturbing the motive.

    2. it seema birds are fake. (I am not sure)
  • Rozena 13/04/2009 22:40

    Wonderful fairy-tale !
  • Genius Boy 15/09/2008 9:09

    Very Nice Picture
  • Tatiana Kirillova 04/01/2007 8:10

    Just amazing. It's great perspective that you can look through windows of the mosque. Nice color of the sky, but most impressive for me are the birds flying. Super capture!
  • Karl Makkina 29/09/2006 14:02

    one of your best imho
    congratulations, Karl
  • Eric van Crombrugge 28/07/2006 11:54

    Hello Yasir,
    nice picture, color, shades and the silhouettes are fine! I agree with Jaime, the copyright thing is disturbing a bit. Is it me or does the photo tilt a little bit on the left?
    Greets Eric
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 28/07/2006 10:35

    this is an amazing photo.
    love the sillouettes and colour of the sky, just one thing the copyright should of been on the frame cause i would of proposed this otherwise.
    stunning !
    love it, how did you get the birds in a row like that? were they allready like that or did you edit them?

    jaime :)