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Fountain and Flip-Flops

Fountain and Flip-Flops

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Fountain and Flip-Flops

Some splash-therapy for this brutal stretch of weather, from actually a most pleasant
second afternoon of summer in 2017 by the Pier A Park Fountain in Hoboken, New Jersey. (*)

But where's the gal with the pink zorries?
Frolicking in the fountain, d'you suppose?

Or...maybe...he just lost her to the summer wind.
After all, the fountain just happens to be located along Sinatra Drive!
The photo makes its first appearance today.
(It's been lurking in my files for just such a
steam bath as we've been slogging through...)

©2022 Steve Ember

Happiness is a Fountain in Hoboken
Happiness is a Fountain in Hoboken
Steve Ember

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