Forest near Peniche

Forest near Peniche

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Fernand A.

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Forest near Peniche

This has been taken in Portugal near Peniche. It was very dark and I had time to smoke a cigarette during the shot i.e. about 5 minutes. The green color is due to Fujichrome Sensia 100 when shoting for a while.
Minolta X300 with a tripod and scanned with an Epson Perfection 1240U.
In association with my cousin Jorge and his wife Susana.

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  • So- Lo 05/02/2005 20:20

    It looks out of this world.. Trees are special as it is, and this is a special trees photograph. :)
  • Fernand A. 19/11/2004 8:30

    Thanks for that Raul. I do not use to say thank you each time I receive a nice comment because this adds nothing for other people that wants to go through the comments. And we are all happy when you receive such comments, so ... maybe I'm rude ... but don't think so. I only use to answer questions or add something else. And what I wanted to add here is: YES it takes a lot of time to go through FC as there is so many nice pictures ;-)
  • Visiones de vida. 18/11/2004 6:27

    Fernand...Loving your work..I see I will have to spend sometime going through your portfolio...Loving it already
  • Fernand A. 15/11/2004 20:01

    Thanks for your nice comment Frutos. On the top of the photo, we have the top of the trees with their leaves ;-) It was quite windy and so the long shot made it blurred.
    Regards Fernand
  • Frutos CT 15/11/2004 19:14

    Very beatiful shot. Nice atmosphere. I wonder what is the top blurred part of the photo...