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Love the summer

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  • Katerina Zumrová 11/08/2006 7:54

    yes, that's good...nice colored, maybe I would turned colors on the ball but it is question of fan feelings ;-)
    regards, Katerina
  • Olivia Larsson 05/08/2006 21:07

    Thanks for the nice comments
  • Steve Hull 02/08/2006 22:19

    For me personally, I love the way it captures the different senses, not just visual. It's like I can smell the grass and hear the shouting of players and the ref's whistle.
    Like it :-)
  • Katarina Juricova 02/08/2006 20:06

    nice detail- good sharpness, nice colours...and a bit patriotic ??? :-)
    I like it.
    My regards, Katarina