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Katia Hernandez

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  • s. sabine krause 17/08/2010 9:01

    "fleeting" is the perfect word to describe how time flies for all those who raise children, or spend time with them, seeing them grow up! as child, however, you yourself perceive it quite differently: days are long, weeks last forever, and that month until your birthday – an era of waiting and delicious anticipation! but it works the other way around, too: a dentist's appointment two weeks from now gets you scared and turns you into an insomiac 8 days before it's finally there – time no longer flies but creeps… all this, to me, is in this beautiful fleeting image of the little angel fluttering by ; ))! kind regards, sabine.
  • Katia Hernandez 09/07/2010 17:13

    thank you guys. I appreciate your feedback!
  • John R Duckett 09/07/2010 16:47

    I agree with Jim, the blur works very well.
  • Jim McKinniss 06/07/2010 23:17

    This blur works very well for me.

    I also like the way you've positioned the child within the frame.