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  • Ray Steinberg 18/03/2011 2:34


    The blackboard in the background, is a menu that tells the diners what the special of the day is.
    It also tells us this image was shot in a restaurant, and not a private house.
    Jean did a good job by framing the blackboard into the wire handle of the lamp.
    I like it. !!!!

  • Footprints 20/11/2007 10:30

    The lamp gives a warm feeling about to your photo. Just a little note, maybe you can rotate your photo next time to set it a bit more horizontal. Easy to do in photoshop f.i. I like your colours and exposure from the flame is really good aswell. Well done! Best wishes, Corné
  • Pawel Majewski 02/11/2007 22:08

    Beautiful colours and warm mood. I like it...