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Fire in portuguese forest - 2003

Fire in portuguese forest - 2003

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Fire in portuguese forest - 2003

Panorama at Picoto da Milriça - Vila de Rei.

The geodesical land-mark is the central point of Potugal.
All around is burned... :-(

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  • Diego González Sanz 10/03/2005 22:15

    OH! Es una pena ver este paisaje desolado, aunque causa bastante impresión, ¿Estos incendios fueron los del Verano de 2003? a principios de Septiembre del 2003 yo estaba unos dias en Lisboa y me acuerdo un dia que la ciudad quedo envuelta en una gran masa de humo procedente de los incendios.. Es bastante triste lo que paso, aqui en España también hubo algunos.

    Otro Saludo!

  • João M. C. Januário 11/10/2004 3:41

    One more of many wounds made to our country, to our world !
    And often by the hand of mad men.
    We still hope that, like Phénix, the trees will rise again from its ashes!
    Regards, JJanuario
  • Irca Caplikas 17/09/2004 22:32

    yes, Octavio, in deed,very sad. Your beautifull country with so much pain..
  • Brigitte R. 12/09/2004 12:47

    Great panorama with horrible facts!
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 12/09/2004 8:51

    hi octavio
    mother nature is sometimes evil. I feel for you and your country.
    my parents live in florida, 3 hurricanes in 1 month!
    All the trees there got knocked down.
    very sad
  • Octávio Diaz-Bérrio 12/09/2004 6:51

    Sad... isn't it?

    xxx xxx 12.09.2004 at 06:27h
    Great picture again - wow!! ;-))))
    I can take a real look around, here. I feel, like i was on
    a control-tower.
    Great work again, Octavio. Superb! ;-)