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FIAP Photo meeting

5th. FIAP photo meeting, China August 2017.
It was nice to review old friends and make new ones but also showed how photography developed in the last years. Representatives of 43 Countries attended the meeting in China and could appreciate an excellent programm full of photographic high-lights provided by the Chinese organisers, Eastern International Photography Art Association and the Governement of Shandong Province. Unfortunately behavior deteriorated among the photographers in last years, it's a real Safari, the "wild" are the photographers, it looks like the next picture could be the one who brings them all the honors, incredible the fight for the best position sometimes as a result of a kind of boxing fight. 11 days always finding the wrong subject in front of the lens, always a hat, hand, leg, etc. but not what you have in mind to take the picture.
This and next weeks will bring pictures taken during those days in China, not exactly those I had in mind but the result of an extensive delete exercise.
Of course there was great moments like the exhibition of originals of Yousuf Karsh in Jinan's Mordern Art Museum and 1800 photographs from the M-FIAP colleagues, the visit to Confuncius Hometown and Temple, etc.
This 1st. image shows one of those encounters where it was very difficult to take the right photo as the set was very crowded. Decided to use during the all trip only one lens 16-35mm. a tele-lens would have only be good for details and the full atmosphere had been lost.
Thank ou in advance for comments.

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  • Adele Oliver 04/09/2017 21:01

    I am reading with interest your involvement in this big meeting of photographers .... positive and sadly also negative moments with the competition getting stronger all
    the time and everybody involved with digital photography ....
    I have looked at your images of today - they all should receive comments, but alas,
    there is not enough time ... so here is my praise for the ones I did not comment on !!!
    warm regards,


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Camera ILCE-7R
Lens FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS
Aperture 11
Exposure time 1/80
Focus length 16.0 mm
ISO 100