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Family Reunion

Family Reunion

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Don Watts

Free Account, Navarre

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  • Don Watts 28/10/2005 22:12

    This is the backyard of a man that collects parts and pieces from trucks. I believe these are parts from old trains. The metal washtubs were placed on them when I found them and I thought it looked interesting as it was.
  • Kenny Jazz 28/10/2005 22:00

    Very interesnig and unforgetable composition from metal elements of different function. I`m interesting what is the elements from heavy metal followed down in earth, looking like forgotten in the forest. And why upper units situated on them like resting in pease. Very unusual steel orchestra. :)!
  • Karin D. Ludwig 28/10/2005 18:33

    What a GREAT compostion David :-)
    Let's have more of it!