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Jeff Burgess

Free Account, Seattle

Fall Woods

Original image taken at Buchart Gardens in Vancouver Canada in the fall, with this superimposed on another image taken in the spring in Seattle. Added some filters, color changes, other post-photo manipulations and voila.........

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  • Ayse Nalan Yasin 24/05/2009 9:17

    Fantastic editing.. So beautiful done
  • Mantara 13/01/2009 1:54

    crying colours
    waiting for desaturation

    (my poor english's haiku try)

  • Klaudia J 18/11/2008 13:45

  • Hadi Entesari 17/11/2008 19:32

    Very good Photo
  • Julia Kretsch 17/10/2008 11:08

    Very nice work!
  • Jacqueline Chay 11/10/2008 11:43

  • Anca Silvia B. 10/10/2008 11:37

    Gorgeous pic Jeff.
    Compliments..Is my favourit.
  • Jeff Burgess 09/10/2008 20:07

    if I could write something other than 'science' I would attempt it. In the meantime I will think about the 'balance' issue. But is it really necessary to 'balance' an image.....would be an interesting discussion. Thanks for getting it started!!
  • MWPhoto 09/10/2008 19:47

    I'm not sure that the single tree is a sufficiently dominant element to make this image work as a stand-alone picture (does that even make sense?) I share your concern about the right hand area where the pond is ... needs something ...

    On the other hand, to me this is a wonderful, moody background! If it was mine, I'd actually put some text in the right hand area to balance the tree - perhaps a haiku about autumn? unfortunately, I can't write poetry to save my soul, but this image makes me WANT to write a haiku about autumn (that's quite a feat, Jeff).

  • Jeff Burgess 09/10/2008 18:15

    I continue to be unhappy with the pond area of the image....which I shall re-edit using the clone brush. I did little to this image by way of 'painting' or use of the clone brush........just simply overlapped images with my 'secret' recipe............Thank you all for commenting. Much appreciated.....I do hope that this fall does not become a dreadful winter for all of us!!!
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 09/10/2008 18:07

    nice!! the editing is so subtle... fine, fine work my friend! i can see your color palette turning toward the warm hues more and more. interesting... autumnal...
  • Fons van Swaal 09/10/2008 15:59

    Fantastic editing ...like it very much...;-))
  • Michael Grotkamp 09/10/2008 6:53

    Simply a great art work, wonderful coloration,
    super expression, i like it very much...
    greetings Michael


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