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Faith in B&W

Church in S. Tomé

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  • Miguel Johnson 21/05/2005 20:02

    Hi Octávio,

    to be honest, at the first sight I did not like it at all.
    But the longer I stare at it the more and more I like it.

    I like the composition and the tonal distottion.


  • João M. C. Januário 02/12/2004 0:59

    Hi Octávio,

    good analogy !
  • ewaldmario 23/11/2004 22:28

    very interesting !
  • Michael Gillich 17/11/2004 21:48

    Hi Octávio,
    nice to have another photographer here that was in São Tomé e Príncipe!
    I LOVE IT!
    By the way, I started this section some time ago and was the only one posting ;)
    lg MIKE