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alexander stefanatos

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The Etna volcano

Etna, located in Sicily, is the tallest active volcano in the European continent(3300m), with many craters still roaring maliciously and intimidating till today(2012).Scientists have done their best to demystify volcanoes and present them as simple physical occurences but to no avail...From the very ancient times the volcano has been considered as the mouth of God's wrath. Zeus confined ferocious monsters in their infernal depths delivering them accordingly for punishment and Hephestus located his destructive forges underneath. The grandiose spectacle of a volcanic eruption is perhaps the most convincing indication of nature's unequalled power always there to remind us that apart from her benevolent, protective and generous side, hides also another one malignant, ferocious and vindictive that is and will for ever remain unchallenged by any human resistence and ready to be delivered any time we don't respect her integrity. Thriving civilizations have vanished under boiling lava waves as the Cycladean, Minoan,Pompeian not to mention the mythical continent of Atlantis reported by the historians to have been entirely engulfed within earths depths. Homer, Diodorus, Virgil, Plinius and many other give detailed descriptions of spectacular eruptions in the past ages and Etna is one still remaining in full action.

The photos in this series are from a very recent visit to the volcano and they were taken immediately after a torrential rain with hailstone...

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  • Mirjam Burer 31/10/2015 22:06

    impressive this image of a desolated landscape, Alexander... top grey tones and fine compo....
    thank you for the explanation...
    me agapi......
  • Jaap Koer 31/10/2015 16:23

    Nice view on this very special location.
  • sparkling light 31/10/2015 14:23

    Open plains, big and dramatic sky. Great, great tones.
    Cheers, Jost
  • Harold Thompson 31/10/2015 9:50

    Good view of the landscape surrounding the Volcano so awesome to see like Sue says the one we saw still had sulphur pools close by and the lava flow showing the lava like twisted rope interestingly with nature taking over with plants growing.Is there any of the lava field about ?
    :-)) Harold
  • SINA 31/10/2015 9:14

    Dieses ist das Beste der Serie empfinde ich
    herzliche Grüsse Kristine
  • Sue Thompson 31/10/2015 8:34

    Such places as this are amazing, awe inspiring and at the same time terrifying when you think about what they can do, the destruction they can cause. I have not seen Etna but have visited Iceland... Land of Ice and Fire... and have walked around the top of a dormnt volcano, but one that could still errupt at any time. I have walked on the laval outflows and seen the wonders of such places... seen all of the ash that falls from them and covers the earth in what looks like black sand. Awesome and breathtaking as well as quite frightening.
    This scen is excellent and the tones and details superb.



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Focus length 23.7 mm
ISO 100