Erice (Sicily)

Erice (Sicily)

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  • arskultation® 12/02/2008 6:15

    beautiful structures
  • Kenny Jazz 08/02/2008 21:28

    I wonder how this photo will be presenting in bw. Color version of this postcard seems to me is a bit saturated, but still interesting, especially for those of us who never been in this scary place like Sicilia :)
  • Ricko 28/01/2008 10:44

    Fantastic shot.
    Great colour and detail.
    Molto bella Sicily.
  • Robyn Raggio 23/01/2008 23:23

    This is beautiful. The detail of the textures goes beyond the norm and into the realm of near-fantasy. Colors are rich yet earthy and believable. Comp is well seen and uplifting through that upward POV. Nicely done.

    All the best,
  • Claire Laira 21/01/2008 13:14

    I love this one...the tones are fantastic!
    Kind regards, Claire
  • Model Delicate 21/01/2008 11:17

    Wow, that´s such an impressive picture..really good!!!


  • Jacqueline Chay 18/01/2008 23:46

    What a beautiful place to live. I love these historic buildings which you have captured very well.