erbil - the citadel

erbil - the citadel

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Ingrid H

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erbil - the citadel

erbil, the capital of auton. rep. kurdistan

the citadel in the city center rises some 30 meters above the ground level and has an overall area of more than 10 hectars! the houses at the perimeter are forming a solid wall like medivial citadels. they made efforts to get registered as a world heritage site of UNESCO.

bonne annee 2013
bonne annee 2013
Ingrid H
UPDATE: REGISTERED as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE since 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Nati E. 23/10/2014 14:06

    Das erinnert mich fast an Aleppo, dort ragt die Zitadelle auch mitten in der Stadt empor.
    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Mail folgt!!
  • Regine Bo 21/12/2012 22:46

    Imposant, diese Zitadelle! Ich hatte Dich schon vermißt! Gut, daß Du wieder ein Lebenszeichen von Dir gibst! LG Regine


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