Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico

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Hector Romero

Free Account, Simi Valley

Ensenada, Mexico

I took this picture in the summer of 2004. It is a Mexican crafts shop for tourists. I turned off the flash and took the pic quickly - Sometimes the store owners do not like tourists taking photos. I think the color of the wall is what makes this pic very nice.

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  • Angel Pena 14/01/2005 2:29

    Cool color, a glimpse of the culture of mexican people. VIVA Meeexicooo !
  • Hector Romero 11/01/2005 23:52

    I agree Fernand, I always try to remember to post BIGGER... :-)
  • Fernand A. 11/01/2005 23:46

    I love all of those colors and crosses. Maybe just a little too small in size.
  • Petra Reichel 07/09/2004 19:30

    me encanta!! I like it really and I could imagine how you took the photo.. but it looks really great!!
    lovely petra
  • faces of mars 01/09/2004 21:07

    Hello Hector,

    yes, I know such shops and like the atmosphere there of the several handcrafts. :)

    saludos desde mexico

  • Christo Ph 31/08/2004 21:34

    Phantastic colors Hector!
    I took a pic inside a german church last year...someone called it "Barbie-Church", but the colors are natural *g*

    Greetings Christoph
  • Sebastian Wessels 31/08/2004 20:16

    Also the many crosses are very impressing! The colors of some exemplars are very strange! But nice photo alll in all!