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Nikolaus Benz

Premium (Pro), Gengenbach, Germany and


Edited with Paint Shop Pro 9

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  • raul lovera 11/06/2008 3:00

    it's a cigar.
    well done, thanks
  • Kosta Ivanov 19/11/2007 19:59

    Unusual. Good!
  • Dianna 12/09/2007 3:14

    Hummmm...very interesting.... :-)
    What it says to me is:
    Even with a lot of nice framing, emptyness is still emptyness....
    Sort of like the big hollywood movie stars...
    If they are feeling emptyness inside,
    Even when they dress it up with fancy 'framing'...
    There is still emptyness inside...
    In the USA there have been a lot of 'emptyness' in hollywood young stars out of control lately...
    Anxious to see what other fc folks 'see' within these photos in your emptyness series. ;-)
    Greetings, Dianna