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nekome syo

Free Account, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.


Eitai-bashi, tokyo, dai-suki.

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  • nekome syo 03/04/2007 20:41

    Thank you, Voting Center.
    (sorry, It cannot speak English.)
  • Mark Johnston 24/03/2007 8:54

    A little too much dark for me in this situation. There is so much going on but so many black holes that ends up confusing me and taking away form the structure and confusing my eyes and not seperating it from the background.
    The other colors are wonderful though.
  • Michael Henderson 24/03/2007 8:54

    Sorry contra.
  • Abdul Khaliq 24/03/2007 8:53

  • Luis Andres Hernandez 24/03/2007 8:53

    Nice, but not for gallery, contra
  • BRYAN CRUTE 24/03/2007 8:53

    It is good work , no doubt.
    But nothing jumps out at me.
  • Ivano Cheli (1) 24/03/2007 8:53

  • °°° celle °°° 24/03/2007 8:53

  • Maguire 24/03/2007 8:53

    Not sure how you shoot a bridge at such close quarters with it being 'busy'.. anyway..

    An interesting and colourful image.. and very difficult to get all the balances right. as a shot that showcases a bridge and its structures and to do so so entertainingly.. pro
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 24/03/2007 8:53

    the first thing i saw when i opened this image was that label underneath the lamp on the immediate fg support beam. then the lamp on the support beam. can't really see past it, too busy like thomas said, but to get there you still have to get past the choke-hold of that foreground element's blown-out highlight and then use that for virtual visual support bc the rest of the comp lists so far left that there isn't any sense of balance. yes, all that is really picky, but there are soooooo many shots like this, each with its own merits and apart from the colors here, this one just isn't unique enough for me. sorry....contra
  • Pawel Majewski 24/03/2007 8:53

  • Tom McAlexander 24/03/2007 8:53

    Pretty, but cluttered.
  • Dave Donaldson 24/03/2007 8:53

    great colours. but nothing exciting contra-
  • Andrew Adams 24/03/2007 8:53

    Great perspective, colors, and an overall nice capture.
  • nekome syo 17/03/2007 13:48

    Thank you, Andrew Adams.
    (sorry, It cannot speak English.)