Eastern Necropolis AKA The Eastern Cemetery

Eastern Necropolis AKA The Eastern Cemetery

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Eastern Necropolis AKA The Eastern Cemetery

Main entrance gateway to the Eastern Cemetery situated along 217 Arbroath Rd, Dundee and and belongs to the Dundee Corporation. Apart from a small group of 14 graves in a reserved plot in an extension to the cemetery, about 500 yards from the 1914-1918 Cross of Sacrifice, the 1939-1945 War graves are in various parts of the burial ground. Some have permanent privately erected memorials instead of the usual Commission headstone. The total number of 1939-1945 War burials is 145, a special memorial commemorates in the reserved plot a Dutch merchant seaman buried elsewhere in the cemetery. There are also 132 burials of the 1914-1918 War, and these too are scattered in various parts of the cemetery. Eastern Necropolis, now more commonly called Eastern Cemetery, was opened in 1863. The main entrance gateway, which was designed by Dundee architects W Scott and D McKenzie.

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