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'E-Tunes' - a New York Subway Moment

'E-Tunes' - a New York Subway Moment

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'E-Tunes' - a New York Subway Moment

A long and productive afternoon, evening, and night of subway riding and shooting
was drawing to a contented end, as the clean and bright E Train I was riding from
Jamaica Center in Queens tunneled into Midtown Manhattan.

I must have been looking at my photos when a musical tone
sounded that was clearly not the alerter before train messages.

Looking up from my cameras, I saw this enterprising young musician launch into
Paul Desmond’s jazz classic “Take Five.” He followed it with Henry Mancini’s playfully
infectious "Pink Panther,” which I noticed had most of my fellow passengers smiling.

Yes, the photog laid a bill in his clarinet case…

©2017 Steve Ember

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