Duane Street Summer - a Tribeca Impression

Duane Street Summer - a Tribeca Impression

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Duane Street Summer - a Tribeca Impression

Duane Street, Tribeca, looking west toward Greenwich Street in late afternoon sun of a summery day.

This impression suggested itself after revisiting some photos taken on this inviting street in Lower Manhattan, in that special kind of late afternoon light New York generously offers the photographer, for a story I was writing about rediscovering the pleasures in shooting with a “new” copy of my first Canon EOS film camera, purchased in 1988.

The shots, taken in June 2013 on Kodak Ektar-100 film, were pleasant enough, but
I thought perhaps just a bit too “literal” to really capture the special sensations I had
experienced (*) while shooting on that first afternoon in Tribeca in such delectable light.

©2017 Steve Ember

About that happily re-discovered camera...

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  • Adele D. Oliver 12/08/2017 6:57

    superb, Steve ... the scene, the light and resulting colours ... a moment well
    captured, full of beauty and special ambience and the magic of analog shooting !!!
    wish you a great weekend,