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... Downtown Faro, 21h00, 23Jun'09

... Downtown Faro, 21h00, 23Jun'09

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G Teixeira

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... Downtown Faro, 21h00, 23Jun'09

Faro (Algarve) : "Arco da Sé" is one way into the old part of town where the lovely Se Church is located;
Once there, you can also climb onto the highest tower and enjoy the scenery (great panoramic shots); in the summer the "Marisco Festival" (shelfish fest) is held in this part of town too. There is a museum nearby (Claustros do Convento) which is worth a visit, and a cool al fresco Tavern behind the church. Faro is a small town, and the charismatic stuff is in the downtown area. It takes only half a day to check it all out (by foot). The old building "fabrica da Cerveja" often holds Art Exhibits. (no high heels ladies! you will get tired feet because the typical "calçada" (cobble stone) is a shoe destroying device!)

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