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Nagy Viktor

Free Account, Baranya county, Pécs town, Magyarsarlós


People from basin Baraolt, Transylvania.

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  • Nagy Viktor 02/01/2009 9:25

    Heavy to respond your question, and the accurate one makes a choice possibly not too it would be necessary to grant it here onto this question. From the sadness of my own idea, the peoples living here not sure, that it would sow good light onto a country's politics. And I try to present this neighbourhood with my photographs only since this collection place is a non-political debate forum. Trust in him, that onto many questions you find an answer.

  • Kaith Kakavouli 01/01/2009 19:48

    I have a question.
    Why, in all your fotos, gitans are sud?
    Here in Greece they are happy most of the time. They have nothing and their life is music dance ( and some other things ) but always happy. They don't care about what we take serious.



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