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Photo by Mehmet Salih YILDIRIM
29 April 2005, Diyarbakir
Diyarbakir-River Tigris (Dicle) and On Gozlu Kopru (Bridge with Ten Cells)
The Bridge is 2.000 years old.
Diyarbakır-Ongözlü Köprü. Southeastern Anatolia-Turkey

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  • serdarbrusk 27/06/2008 9:45

    thanks, Brano.
    I will consider your recommendation. I will try to see the picture as a panorama. But even if I like it I will keep this format on the internet. because when you decide to make a photo as wallpaper you need some empty spaces inside photo. to put files, shortcuts on it. personally I do not like empty spaces out of photo.
    I respect your choice.
    take care too
  • zoodiac (Branislav Bielik) 26/06/2008 12:46

    well yeah, I see your point about the format but there are other formats as well , if it was wider, it could look like a panorama lets say, of course its your call. its just that its wide empty space and to cut it out it would make the main objects bigger.
    but pls dont take me wrong, these are just thoughts, I respect it as it is ;)
    take care
  • serdarbrusk 25/06/2008 15:58

    thanks for your comment. the main subject is bridge. behind the arch's you can see Diyarbakir. The river is Dicle. Yes I can cut the lower part. But I arranged the resolution to 1024*768. to be a wallpaper. original was bigger than this.
    with post process do you mean photoshop or something other? if photoshop than I must write that: there is no process on its colors or brightness or hue/saturation. there was a truck on the bridge, my brother (M. Salih YILDIRIM) erased the truck. this was the only intervention to the photo.
    your comment give courage to me, keep well,
  • zoodiac (Branislav Bielik) 25/06/2008 9:46

    hmm nice scene.. I guess its without post process...
    anyways... Im not sure what the main subject is. either sheep or the aquaduct(or whatever that is) maybe you could try to cut of the lower part but its just a thought