Demolition Derby 6 - Firemen

Demolition Derby 6 - Firemen

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Ken Piros

Community Manager, Ohio

Demolition Derby 6 - Firemen

The fire dept has put the fire out and the driver exits the vehicle. If you look above the tire you can still see some orange from a fire that is still burning deeper into the car.

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  • Berthold Klammer 13/08/2013 21:29

    Great series! This one is my favorite one because it includes all: the demolition, the ending, the rescue...
    Fine work, Ken! regards Berthold
  • Dinu Filipescu 10/08/2013 13:12

    Wonderful dramatic image .
  • Lawson McCulloch 07/08/2013 20:41

    A great shot of the almost aftermath of the fire.
    best wishes,
  • Harold Thompson 06/08/2013 9:54

    End of the road :-)) Harold
  • Sue Thompson 06/08/2013 8:35

    It begs the question .... WHY....why do they do this. Putting their lives on the line simply for another adrenalin rush ?? Madness......but it makes for exciting pictures.

  • Glenn Capers 05/08/2013 21:06

    good action
  • s. sabine krause 05/08/2013 17:39

    oh, dear! i hope this isn't the car your sister in law's boyfriend's church entered in the demolition derby! ; )) what i like best about this image is the unperturbed and confident manner and body language of the fireman, his utterly relaxed features of the fireman holding the extinguisher – epitome of calm and competent routine! fires like that won't raise his concerns. it's a pet to be pampered and mollified… ; ) greetings, sabine.
  • Dr. Labude 05/08/2013 16:51

    cool colors!


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