Debt-free Smile

Debt-free Smile

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Free Account, Dhaka

Debt-free Smile

Candid shot of a Grameen Bank borrower paying off her weekly loan interest

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  • Andrew Zarudnyi 15/07/2021 1:50

    It's cool not to have any debts anymore. But I just needed a loan and I remember how hard it was to find someone who would give it to me. Because a lot of people wanted a lot of papers, from work and so on. It could drag on for weeks, and I needed money before my paycheck now. It was good that I read the reviews of newday usa  and then made my decision. For such important cases, reading reviews and opinions is extremely important to make yourself some kind of whole picture.
  • marmarM2 12/04/2015 17:13

    Sweet expression, nice


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Camera E-3
Lens ---
Aperture 3.4
Exposure time 1/50
Focus length 50.0 mm
ISO 640