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A Window in Brick Lane


Thoughts of the last weeks and days (collected by me but not thought by me :-)

- Why does God send a tsunami?
- Why do people in Germany buy Iodin, when a nuclear power station explodes in Japan?
- The world does not care about Libya
- Thank you, Sarkozy, for taking the initiative to help the Libyan people.
- Now this Sarkozy bastard wants to play war as well?
- Wherever there is a conflict, the UK wants to show how great Britain is
- Germany should be ashamed for not giving a damn about the Libyan people
- Ah, f..k it and let's go bowling! (free after "The Big Lebowski")

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  • Li.Lo 28/07/2013 17:32

    Hola Dirk,
    creo, que lo que los humanos pueden hacer, se puede hacer el bien, que debemos hacer.
    Lo que se nos olvida que Dios un día juzgará y evaluar.
    Saludos, Lilo
  • BRYAN CRUTE 14/10/2011 17:55

    Good to read your thoughts of the week that was ( yes Im late as usual )
    Nothing much has changed in the past weeks.
    Britain still plays as if we still had an empire, Libyan people are still in turmoil, we still pour more millions into foreign aid and Olympic dreams yet our pensioners cannot afford to eat.
    I will grab my shoes and go bowling I think

  • Franz-Josef Eckenroth 17/04/2011 17:10

    where is the next bowling centre ? :-))

    the world is crazy and i think we can´t change it ????

  • mike snead 03/04/2011 16:13

    an excellent image encapsulating the world's problems.
    i fear it has ever been thus.

  • Maximilliana 30/03/2011 1:17

    you are right...we don´t know how long we will live so... let us go bowling...all this situation make me very sad,very very sad, rgds Maxi
  • Silvia Simonato. 24/03/2011 22:16

    Espectral imagen de los sueños, impresionante toma!
    Saludos Silvia
  • Inez Correia Marques 23/03/2011 9:50

    Wow!! Impressive.. perfect Dirk. well seen . Hug
  • photo-josephine 22/03/2011 22:57

    Tausende sterben in den Fluten des Tsunami und die Deutschen haben nichts Besseres zu tun, als die Jodtabletten aufzukaufen.
    Wie peinlich ist diese Panik!
    LG Barbara
  • Barbara Sch. 22/03/2011 11:28

    can understand your thinking very well - in the last few weeks, I think a lot about it.
    I hate it when economic interests are packed into moral candy wrappers. But in politics, honesty and a conscience can hardly wait!
    Your picture makes deep ...
    Rgds Barbara
  • adriana lissandrini 21/03/2011 14:41

    struck to the heart! I'm very saddened and perplexed, if I had the power I would not know what to do ....
    sure no to nuclear, I do not want war, but .......
    powerful message into images and words
  • viola d 21/03/2011 5:41

    "Life’s but a walking shadow...
    It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing." W. Shakespeare

  • Tatjana Puc Kous 20/03/2011 23:16

    You said everything and show how it would be! Strong, super! Jana
  • Adele Oliver 20/03/2011 20:56

    A very strong image and very thought provoking, especially with all your questions. And these are not even half the questions one could ask. Will there ever be light at the end of the tunnel???
    greetings, Adele
  • warth 20/03/2011 19:47

    Er fleht zum Himmel. Grandios!
    LG warth
  • Vitória Castelo Santos 20/03/2011 19:28

    Sad, very sad...but i don`t believe in GOD or Politics !!!!!!!!!!!!!