death and despair

death and despair

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death and despair

Police shot wrong man on bike; a broken family in despair

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  • Jon Abbas 29/07/2006 5:17

    Well Told Story...Sad situation...
    But Someone Needs to tell this anyway...
    You did a great job!
  • Wayne Tsipouras 29/07/2006 2:03

    Deepest sympathies to the family.
    A terrible incident to occur. It is unfortunate that these things happen.
    I also feel sorry for the Police officer as now he must live with the knowledge of this mistake.
    A fine image though. Well done.

  • Dirk Hofmann 29/07/2006 0:25

    terrible things like that happen from time to time ... you remember the brasilian they shot in london some time ago ...

    as soon as humans are involved the possibility of mistakes raises ...

    thank you for taking the time to explain ... :-(
  • Wojtek Laskarzewski 29/07/2006 0:08

    The underlines are in Polish and describe the tragedy (that is the screen from paper):
    1. The death man, his bike, prosecutor, coroner and police detective
    2. Brothers of victim (left), right - the father in despair
    3. Mother in despair and the people of the city.
    Police thougt taht the man on bike is wanted robber and opened to him fire. That was terrible mistake,
    A man shot dead by police hunting was innocent. That is the big case in Poland now.
  • Dirk Hofmann 28/07/2006 23:29

    shocking ... what do the underlines in the photo say?
  • Ray Steinberg 28/07/2006 23:26

    Very good piece of work.