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dead sea at dawn

dead sea at dawn

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Esti Eini

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dead sea at dawn

The history of Mezada (Massada) in short: When the Romans ruled over Jehuda, the jews rebeled against them. After the Romans suppressed the rebellion a group of jews fled to the Massada mountain in the desert. The Romans layed a siege and succeeded to climb up the mountain. When these jews understood that the end was near they commited suicide. This happened on the year 73 and is known from the writings of Yosef Ben-Matityahoo.

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  • Esti Eini 28/10/2005 13:10

    Thank you all.
    @ Jaime and John: I darkened the foreground to add contrast. Maybe it was better before.....
    @Anastasya: I will upload also photos taken nearer.

    I also added a bit of history.
  • Marion Jaeger 27/10/2005 20:02

    Wonderful shot, Esti !
  • JVision 27/10/2005 18:06

    Very beautiful shot Esti. Love it.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 27/10/2005 16:12

    Oh the famous Dead Sea, it's great with such a viewing up from the high above, isn't it possible much closer to the shore?
    great perspective, very good picture. I have been interested in the scape of the dead sea however not any chance available to visit there.
  • John Bennett 27/10/2005 13:38

    Great picture, but I a agree with Jaime about the forground.
  • Simone Schüpferling 27/10/2005 7:30

    Dear Esti,
    this is a wonderful shot from the dead sea. I was there in 1995 and I fell in love when I saw Israel.
    Greetz, Simone
  • Robert L. Roux 27/10/2005 4:28

    A great photo of a place I've heard about for many years -
    but it was only a name ...
    Thanks! Esti - R
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 27/10/2005 0:16

    the foreground is quite dark but i think it gives this photo depth.
    wonderful sky though.
    great landscape.
    jaime :)
  • Seagaul 26/10/2005 23:39

    very interesting view !