Darling Harbour, Sydney

Darling Harbour, Sydney

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Stephen Sandford

Free Account, Cherrybrook, in northern Sydney

Darling Harbour, Sydney

View looking north towards the new Crown Casino tower and the Baraagaroo precinct, from near the Harbourside Mall at Darling Harbour. Sunset.

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  • ernst123 05/01/2021 9:54

    Hi Stephen, I like the foto very much, because of the light, the special colors in late afternoon and of course the mirroring in the water! Great!
    VG Ernst
  • Matthias Moritz 05/01/2021 7:47

    an eye-catching edition in strong colors and a metal gloss. i like the reflection of the sun coming from the tower, perfect moment!
    • Stephen Sandford 05/01/2021 9:05

      Thanks Matthias for your kind and supportive remarks. The reflection of the sun from the Crown Casino Tower looks good, I agree, but do you think, as a whole, there is too much saturation in this image?
      This image was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S20+ mobile phone camera, because I did not have the Canon 5D with me at the time. I then edited this image in Snapseed. But I think a Canon image of the same location, and time, edited in Adobe Lightroom, may have been better? What do you think?
    • Matthias Moritz 05/01/2021 13:15

      your photo has a particularly strong effect due to its intense colors. from my point of view it is much more interesting in this excessive editing than it would do in reproducing a more natural impression. the boundaries become blurred between the real world and phantasy.
      a comparison of both versions would be interesting to discuss  :-)
    • Stephen Sandford 05/01/2021 14:25

      Wow - thank you for this most thoughtful response Matthias. I greatly appreciate this and indeed I take your point. You are saying that the surreal nature of the image makes it interesting perhaps more so than a natural impression of the same scene. I like this interpretation. And your further point about the blurring of reality and fantasy is definitely applicable. Like Ridley Scott achieved in the opening scenes to his cult movie 'Bladerunner' (all versions, but most especially the Director's Cut), set in a futuristic, dystopic, Los Angeles.
      Thank-you so much for your interesting and thought-provoking remarks. Regards from Stephen at just after midnight in Sydney!!
    • Matthias Moritz 05/01/2021 15:52

      I am sorry for my limited ability to express my thoughts in English. But you perfectly transformed them into the right words.


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Camera SM-G986B
Lens ---
Aperture 1.8
Exposure time 1/1052
Focus length 5.4 mm
ISO 50