Daddy we're hungry!!!

Daddy we're hungry!!!

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Daddy we're hungry!!!

Sunbird Male feeding his nestlings

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  • Yochi 14/04/2010 13:35

    The nest was very near a balcony and got used to us standing there. It was a wonderful experience. Now all three little ones are gone.
  • Miriam Seligmann 13/04/2010 22:15

    Wow, that´s a wonderful situation that you show here.
    I have never seen something like that on a photo before.

    (But you should be careful, it´s a lot of stress for the parents, when someone comes to close to their babies. And is´t not a bear or a lion that can defend the family.)

  • PR Winnan 07/04/2010 9:52

    great shot here