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Dada Bicycle

Zurich 1916: The birth of Dada Art Movement. This bicycle is parked in front of Cabaret Voltaire, the very place where Dadaism was born!

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  • Greg GE 18/05/2019 14:05

    How mich Dada is left in Zürich, I wonder... 
    Nice shot.
    You know, I wonder what this house, what this street looked like in 1916 ! Was ist as perfectly clean and (seemingly empty) as now ?
    • dorin.david 18/05/2019 23:27

      Thank you.
      I don't know how much Dada is still there, but for sure the Cafe is still there, still working, and inside is still preserving the originals. So, at least a taste of Dada is still there :)