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James Cadden

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Snail on path, Crail, Scotland 30/06/06

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  • Jen Nahe 10/08/2006 14:46

    yeah I know those monents, but mostly my camera shuts down right during talking the picture and afterwards I just have an "unvalid data"
  • James Cadden 10/08/2006 0:12

    Thank you :-)

    This was also with my little Olympus AZ-1. As soon as I took the photo the camera flashed Battery Empty and shut down so this was a lucky shot :-)
  • Jen Nahe 09/08/2006 23:22

    she looks kind of cute^^ or is it a he? nice sharpeness!!! I really like it!

    guck mal einer an
    guck mal einer an
    Jen Nahe