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Sazonov Michael

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  • Sazonov Michael 19/06/2009 21:11

    Where there are these people?)))) if physically that of a point And in a point!))) distance between And and 150 km!)))
    Religious procession is the form of church Divine service! Each person on idea should go and internally pray!!! In spiritual sense unequivocally to answer a question where there are these people it is impossible! If to generalise that to God! Well and if to communicate to everyone, at all the purposes! Who that goes with unsoluble questions! Who that glorifies Nikolay Chudotvortsa! Who has laid down to itself(himself) the aim to check up, whether it can overcome 150 km on foot in difficult weather conditions!!!
    In any case each person who has passed, receives that that wanted, and even it is more!))))

    The person decided to check up the physical forces-receives acknowledgement of that will suffice force, but force is given by God!
    Glorifying Nikolay Chudotvortsa, acknowledgement of 15 000 pilgrims rejoices to glory sacred, to that.
    Having questions, wonderfully receives answers!))))
    Long to tell!)))) it is better to visit once!)))
  • Hussain AlMahroos 19/06/2009 20:58

    nice pic.. but course to where?