Cordoba Mosque

Cordoba Mosque

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Fernand A.

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Cordoba Mosque

This is the magnificent Cordoba Mosque/Cathedral in Spain.
Canon EOS 100 and USM 28-105 lens with Fujichrome Sensia 100 and Tripod. Scanned with an Epson perfection 1240U.

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  • Fernand A. 14/02/2005 19:00

    Good one Nicola ! Your scan is much better ! I have a bad scanner and had no digital camera when I took that picture. Anyway, this place is really good for pictures ;-)
  • Anastasya I. 14/02/2005 17:43

    good picturing! :-)
    I have one picture also!

    LG Nicola
  • Fernand A. 13/02/2005 14:35

    Thomas, I was there some years ago in May. There was not too much people in Andalusia and it was good like that ;-) In the Mosque, there was some people but I tried to avoid them as they would have been blurred ;-)
  • TomK 06/02/2005 0:43

    estupendo - pero...donde estan los visitantes ???
    me gusta mucho la mezquita, tambien que la medina azahara...
  • Julien Salut 21/11/2004 14:34

    tres belle perspective et couleurs interressante
  • Visiones de vida. 21/11/2004 0:23

    You guys have some beautiful intresting place..what a privelege to have historical places like this.
  • Fernand A. 18/11/2004 19:58

    You're right Fritz. This place was a Mosque made by the Moors in Andalusia. When Cordoba has been reconquered by Christians, they wanted to destroy it in order to put a cathedral instead. Hopefully the king decided not to destroy it but to build the cathedral in the middle of the mosque. It’s why it’s known as the Cordoba Mosque/Cathedral and this should be unique in the world. I should have some pictures showing both parts at the same time, but the best is to go there by your own ... ;-)
    We can also add that (maybe thanks to this) Cordoba is also known as a place where Muslins, Jews and Christians live in peace since centuries.
  • Stephan Kriwet 17/11/2004 23:54

    Nice church with an arabic touch.
    I like most the cathedral of Pisa.
  • Snjezana Josipovic 17/11/2004 23:36

    I always wanted to visit this's just beautiful :)