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completely insane

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completely insane

the german and the international page differ a lot - image size on this site is limited to 800x600 again - and data size to 100kb - that´s tough!

comment in english please

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  • Fabio Viento del Verano 15/08/2004 9:31

    shure - as DJ Bobo said:

    "You´ve got to pay for freedom" *grin*

    anyway - as long as nobody visits the .com - it´s useless to argue about neverchanging stuff
  • Carina Meyer-Broicher 15/08/2004 2:23

    sorry Fabian thats not true.
    Optimal format: jpg, 800x600 pixels, smaller than 100KB.
    optimal doesn't mean anything else will be optimized
    and com or global pay members will have the 260kb 1000*1000 option.

    real good pic btw :-)


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