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Rolf Sjölander

Free Account, Stockholm


When I took this picture, I was wearing jeans and ordinary walking shoes and a light jacket. It was -27 and I had snow up to my knees.
I had to spend the following week in bed with a wery bad cold.
My wife thinks I'm crazy but you all know what it takes to get a good picture. ;-))

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  • Rolf Sjölander 15/05/2006 21:25

    It's a little bright on my screen to when I upload it.
    The original is a little bit darker.
    I just have to fix two XE and one XT in same place as this picture were taken, then I get right to it.
  • B. aus W. 15/05/2006 21:18

    @Peter - Maybe this is spring in the nothern part of Sweden...??

    A wonderfull impression of your country - like landscapes should be - Rolf your pictures are comming a little bright on my screen... do I have to re-calibrate or is it you?

  • Der Zacki 15/05/2006 15:39

    Apart from the fact that we have spring it is
    a really wonderful capture of an oustanding
    winter landscape.