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One of my scanned photos, not the best quality indeed :D

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  • Daniel Gordon ( William Price ) 09/03/2007 11:07

    very impressive image...i like it a lot
    good work
    best wishes
  • Péter- Horváth 09/03/2007 10:51

    Thanks for you comment :D :D She was my classmate 2 years ago. Nice tale, i think i'm never gonna get married.:D
    I liked your story
  • Kombizz Kashani 08/03/2007 20:08

    So you kept that old photo for a long time
    perhaps you were chicken
    to tell her simply you were infatuated with her when you were his classmate?

    Too late bro
    unless you find her again and tell your secret to her although she might be married with your best friend and having three grown up kids
    and poor you that still afraid to tell to your wife about your old flame!

    nice poor quality image
    with GREAT love story that was never told in public !!

    By the way what was that thick wire on top upper right?