Christmas Tree Surprise

Christmas Tree Surprise

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Christmas Tree Surprise

You sometimes forget you have a kitten, but a new climbing frame in the living room soon reminds you. Putting up the christmas tree this year was an opportunity for exploration not lost on our new family member...

Funky Monkey was killed today by a car. It never stopped, but it was quick.
July 2005 - April 2007
''You brought us such joy in such a short life. You will never be forgotten"

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  • Sarah D. Kiefer 06/04/2007 15:18

    i'm sorry to see this happen to such a lively, mischievous and wonderful little one... funky is in a place now where the chrismas trees never fall over!
    take care,
    sarah k
  • Tina Rhea 03/08/2006 23:17

    This is why we haven't had a Christmas tree for years. As soon as the youngest one calms down enough to try it, another young cat comes along, even crazier....
  • Nadine Schmadtke 29/11/2005 16:58

    Very funny!!! My dog loved to lie beneath the christmas tree.. and when standing up the whole thing started to fall unless one of us was fast enough ;-)