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Des Finkenzeller

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  • Des Finkenzeller 04/03/2006 19:59

    Cees - we gave Chalky a home because his previous owner could no longer look after him and gave him up to the Cats Protection League. He was called Chalky when we got him and they do recommend that you stick with the same name.
    Hanna - thank you, he is a cute cat and very playful. He also lies on his back with his legs in the air, which is something I've never seen a cat do before. He's only been with us a few weeks now and already he's become a part of the family.
    Many thanks, Des F
  • Hanna P 04/03/2006 16:58

    What a cute cat! A cute cat with a pink little nose:)
  • Cees Kuijs 04/03/2006 10:41

    I try to figure out how you came to that name.Maybe I need some hints.
    Good sharpness and DOF.
    Greetings, Cees