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Chained Rose pt 2

Chained Rose pt 2

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Michael Pomery

Free Account, Adelaide

Chained Rose pt 2

Capturing the Beauty of a rose in a literal sense.

Shot on the hood of a car, then edited in photoshop.

Nothing special in regards to exposure or aperture when i took the picture, but was desaturated and darkened in Photoshop.

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  • Michael Pomery 26/02/2005 9:19


    I see the miscommunication.

    The camera, as you discovered, was not of high resolution, thus pin sharpness could not be attained.

    though i have a new and improved camera now (as the rose series was done a while back... one of my first.)

    This, however, does not detract from the effectiveness of the piece and remains a personal favourite.
  • Michael Pomery 25/02/2005 2:57

    OK paul.. valid opinion, yet you will notice that there is a distinct sharpness where is wished it to be blaced, the same applies for the blurriness.

    I have a series of 20 or more of these rose pics, and some are crisp and sharp as you want.

    yet this one of all made the final cut simply because it is not all in focus, and makes a more interesting composition.

    A perfect photo does not require absolutes of anything, including sharpness.