Central Park Spring

Central Park Spring

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Central Park Spring

I find a timeless element in this Manhattan Moment. True the sloping glass contours of 9 W 57th had
only been in place for seven years when I took the photo in 1981, but the juxtaposition is so representative
of the ever changing Manhattan skyline, with modernistic towers rising cheek-by-jowl next to more traditional
landmarks (such as The Plaza), that I think timeless does fit, as does the classic palette of Kodachrome on which
I shot it.

Bicyclists and Hansom cab driver and passenger enjoy the warmth and
dappled sunshine of Central Park in the late afternoon of this day in Spring.

From a Kodachrome 64 transparency.
Pentax ES with 105mm Pentax Takumar lens.

©2017 Steve Ember

PS: I think Tony Bennett just nails the ambiance in this photo ;-)

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