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Carnegie Library, Heath Branch

Carnegie Library, Heath Branch

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Jason Orosco

Free Account, Spokane

Carnegie Library, Heath Branch

I was out running around on the North side of Spokane when I remembered the Carnegie Library Heath Branch was down the road from were I was picking up some modeling supplies. Friday was a gorgeous day and decided to take this shot at this angle. This is 3rd of the 4 libraries in Spokane.

From: Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission,

Historic Name/Common Name: Carnegie Library,Heath Branch

Date Built: c. 1913

Architect/Builder: Julius Zittel

Date Listed on the Spokane Register: October 21, 1985

Date Listed on the National Register: August 3, 1982

Historic District: Mission Avenue Historic

District: Neighborhood Logan

Statement of Significance:

This building is typical of libraries built with grants from the great iron and steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie. It is important in the history of the Spokane Public Library system and the neighborhood it served for nearly 70 years. It is included on the National Register together with three other Spokane Carnegie libraries as part of a larger state-wide multiple property nomination.

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