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Carassius auratus

Carassius auratus

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Tom E. Felberg

Free Account, Kristiansund

Carassius auratus

Silly me, I didn't even know they did fly..

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  • Dmitry Rezun 07/08/2006 13:03

    I like it very much!
  • Tom E. Felberg 04/08/2006 1:46

    Hello Jaime!
    Thank you for commenting
    The cloud containing the reflex of the sun (below the horizon) resembled in my eyes very much this "gold fish" - hence the latin name...
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 04/08/2006 1:35

    they did fly?
    what did fly?
    explain :):):)

    wonderful landscape, great colours.
    what is the figure in the backround some sort of statue?
    love it Tom :)