Camo-Coach ...

Camo-Coach ...

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Camo-Coach ...

...or, as Flanders & Swann might have called it, "A Transport of Delight."

No, certainly not the "London Transport, diesel-engine ninety-seven horsepower omnibus" ...
but very much a "transport of delight" to more innocent in a happy childhood in Baltimore.

An "Old Look" GMC Coach Baltimore city bus, "camouflaged" in some corrugated storage containers.

This was a totally unexpected sighting, bringing back a flood of vivid memories of those
early years riding such buses as they growled along the streets of my home town.

Actually, by serendipity, it fell right in with another photo-exercise
that was targeted at some richly evocative childhood memories.

I am working on a story having to do with “train-chasing” with my Dad and my earliest cameras.

One of our favorite spots for this activity was the long, high bridge that
carries North Avenue over what I think of as an expansive railroad “canyon.”

Returning to that canyon - mainly to watch present-day railroading activities from those same high vantage points
enjoyed in childhood, my eye was attracted to this half-covered-over bus of the type I often rode as a kid in Baltimore.

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