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Bush Tucker, the way of survival in the outback. Story within!!

Bush Tucker, the way of survival in the outback. Story within!!

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John Moore

Free Account, Karratha

Bush Tucker, the way of survival in the outback. Story within!!

White folk in Australia have learned many secrets from the Aboriginals in this country on surviving in the harsh outback.
When visiting these areas, it is a good idea to find some of the local Aboriginal elders and have a chat to them.
They can make your trip a lot more interesting, I can assure you!!
There are many types of bush tucker, when I have some time, I shall upload a lot more.

A.) These little fellow I used to grow years ago, they are known as Rosella.
The make wonderful flavoured jams and grow wild in the northern territory.
I do believe that birds spread the seeds and I am sure they are not native to Australia.

B.) Witchetty Grubs (Cossidae sp.) when cooked I am told taste like scrambled eggs.
I would only eat them if I was dying of starvation, how about you??

C.) Fruit of the Pandanus Palm, these fruit contain small kernels, difficult to prise out, however they are highly nutritional.

D.) These little beauties are commonly known as Rain cherries (Syzygium fibrosum) and are good to eat when ripe; jam is also made from them.

Hello to you all once more!!
We are packing our gear up ready for Saturday’s flight.
We are leaving Ravenshoe tomorrow Friday afternoon, bound for Cairns.
We will spend the evening there and fly from Cairns to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon, then Kuala Lumpur and onto Bangkok.
We have been absolutely flat out here, working on the land like famers of the past.
It has been most enjoyable; however the weather has not been that kind, with its chilly cold winds, we did however have the pleasure of roaring hot fires at night.
The cyclones have provided Wendy with tons of fire wood.
We have been out on several occasions, but the most memorable occasion was Fathers day outing with Wendy.
We visited some very interesting areas such as Granite Gorge, a dairy, a coffee plantation, a tea plantation, waterfalls and the world famous Curtain Fig Tree which many of you have seen.
I shall upload some of these photos when I am in Thailand.
Do to you all, I will soon respond to your kind comments!!
Thank you all for your patients.
Bless you all my friends.


Comments 26

  • Siegfried G. und Charlotte G. 26/10/2007 10:41

    It'`s a nice collection from fruits ! Beautifull collage.
    Have a nice time in Thailand.
    Your friends Charlotte and Siegfried
  • aw masry 17/10/2007 22:08

    Beautiful visual presented with nice collage.
    Best regards - aw masry
  • David Bu. 21/09/2007 21:54

    Number B does not fit in! A, C and D show a variety of nature's beauties whereas picture B gives us an example of how hideous nature can be. And to answer your question: I would never ever eat or touch them!

    All the best, David
  • Erland Pillegaard 21/09/2007 12:25

    Hi John
    Again a good work and picture
  • 2 little stars 17/09/2007 9:31

    Thank goodness! I'm a vegetarian ;-)) so no B for me ...
    Gorgeous collage - nice fruits.
    Take care and have a nice trip
    greetz Christel
  • Marc Thys 15/09/2007 8:49

    Nice collage with beautifull colors.Thanks for info.
    Have a good time in Thailand.
  • Kerstin Jung 14/09/2007 21:03

    That is really a nice collage and the story is very intersting, as usual. I would only eat the Witchetty Grubs, as you are right, only when dying of starvation. Don't look really appetizingly to me.
    Have a good journey.
    Greetings Kerstin
  • Tom McAlexander 14/09/2007 9:47

    I'll skip the grubs too. Hmmm, maybe I'll skip it all and have a steak.
  • Christiane Wüllner 13/09/2007 21:14

    Hmm, interesting food. I`m not shure about B but i can imagine i could try it when eating together with people which are used to it.
    It`s a beautiful colourful sens stimulating picture!
    :-)) Christiane
  • Wolfgang Kölln 13/09/2007 18:40

    Very interesting information, John. I wish you a safe trip!
    Cheers Wolfgang
  • ooO MinOuche Ooo 13/09/2007 17:37

    You collected some nice Impressions!Wonderful colours... I wouldnt eat them too :-& perhaps iv they werent so thick(?)...
    Greetings from Germany Minouche
  • Michael Henderson 13/09/2007 16:02

    Thanks for the information, I know a little more about survival in the outback. I hope you have a great trip and enjoy yourself.

    Best Wishes.
  • Anca Silvia B. 13/09/2007 14:57

    Hi John!
    Interesting collage and story.
    B. isn’t for me.
    Kind regards,Anca
  • Alexandra Baltog 13/09/2007 12:46

    fine ...good idea.
  • JVision 13/09/2007 12:33

    Hello Pompoi :-)
    beside B everything look's very delicious !! Very beautiful collage and very interesting informations.