Buddha altar in Hindu temple

Buddha altar in Hindu temple

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Buddha altar in Hindu temple

Wat Phou near Pakxé original an Hindu temple became a sanctuary for Buddhism too.
The Wat Phou was a temple dedicated to Shiva, one of the Gods of the Hindu Trimurti. In the 13th century it was converted into a Buddhist monastery. Even today the temple is still a place of worship for local Buddhists.
Here on the altar with a image of Lord Buddha passby people and pilgrims leavy their offerings in front of the statue.

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  • Herbert Rulf 08/10/2022 0:38

    Die Gesichtszüge der Buddha-Statuen sehen schon extrem anders aus als ich das so kenne. Woher wohl die Vorlagen sind. Auf jeden Fall interessant.
    Ich persönlich finde die Buddhas im Sukothai-Stil am edelsten und schönsten.
    LG, Herbert